Solidarity Investments Reinvent Finance

At a time when the G20 is struggling to find a solution to the synchronous regulation of international financial markets, finance finds a second wind in solidarity finance, another voice, where most did not expect it.


The nascent phenomenon of solidarity finance is growing at a good pace, + 47% of solidarity investments in 2017 . Immediately caught by the media, this good news made the headlines of the World a few years ago, then all the news.

As a reminder: solidarity finance allows people to grow their savings while financing responsible activities. There are several possibilities in practice: to invest in the shares of companies specializing in the financing and support of solidarity activities, subscribe to a bank that has the Finansol label or to participate in the financing of entrepreneurial projects. who are close to you via the internet.

So, is it a ray of sunshine in a world of bullies?

So, is it a ray of sunshine in a world of bullies?

It looks like it! The leitmotiv is to “give meaning to one’s placement” . Where one invested unreasonably in absurd investments that gave the illusion of big payoff, the products of solidarity finance are not primarily intended to seek maximum profit. A new generation of savers has emerged and is now focusing on a finance whose formula would be [- profitable + safe + ethical] (be careful, it is not about donations!).

Beyond the human and social factor brought to finance by these new investments, solidarity finance seems to be able to have a stabilizing effect on the economy. Claude Alphandéry , today director of the France Active association and one of the first promoters of solidarity finance in France. He refers to the solidarity economy as a factor of regulation of the capitalist system . In fact, on closer examination, the solidarity economy produces economic activities – goods and services that are sold – and, at the same time, activities of general interest, social activities that do not have no price.

The arguments in favor of this new finance

The arguments in favor of this new finance

“Faced with the current crisis, many leaders are convinced that we can regulate the system by enacting laws and regulations. In reality, the only rules will not be enough to combat the immoderation of financial capitalism. We will not come out without a strong movement of solidarity-based businesses that develop an ethical sense, a democratic governance and that, through their practices, their values, serve as examples to irrigate the entire society and force it to take action. other habits. We need counter-powers. What makes me happy is to see the emergence of innumerable initiatives showing the will to live in another way . “


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