Tue, 18 Aug 2020 04:17:26 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Quick small business loan -Visit our website for a quick business loan or call us Sun, 10 Nov 2019 05:51:30 +0000 The business loan is an opportunity for profitable financing granted to businesses and professionals. It is intended to cover expenses such as those related to the creation of the company, purchases of business, purchases of shares or purchases of production equipment. It is therefore an instrument allowing professionals to create their business or develop it.

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What can we finance with a business loan?

The quick business loan from Green Touch still called professional loan allows, as its name suggests, to fund three major types of professional needs.

  • It is the first and foremost equipment needs. These include the equipment, machinery or vehicles that are essential to the running of the business. It could be the electrician’s van, the graphic designer’s computer or the farmer’s tractor,…
  • The business loan then also covers real estate needs. These are the needs of professional premises, which can be built from scratch or acquired within an already existing building.
  • Finally, the professional can, with this loan, finance its cash requirements. It is then a matter of having a working capital to cope with late payments for example.

Who is the company loan for?

Who is the company loan for?

By definition, the business loan is for professionals. Individuals are therefore excluded because of their quality. This assumes that the professional must justify its quality. For this, certain documents are necessary and to be presented to the financial institution concerned.

As a general rule, the business loan is intended for the liberal professions, craftsmen and traders, but also for farmers, associations or Little Entrepreneurs (LE). We find that the commonality between these different professions is to release limited resources. These are occupations where the need for funding can be significant, and employ a very large part of the working population. Hence a loan that is specifically for them.

Business Loan Forms

Business Loan Forms

In concrete terms, the loan can cover different forms. It’s not a single loan. Among these, we have classic credit, with often advantageous terms compared to individual credits. There is also factoring, or leasing. We will come back to each of these types of professional loans.

Bank credit

Credit is the most classic form of professional loan. It is simply a loan repayable by the company in monthly installments fixed in advance by the financial institution. Quite often the credits addressed to professionals are more advantageous and less restrictive than those intended for individuals. Some variants exist, for example the discount, the easy cash or the overdraft.


For a company, this involves using a factoring company (or factor) that acquires these accounts receivable and manages them in place of the company. Many benefits arise from this form of loan.

First, it allows the company immediate cash flow. She sells her client accounts for a sum of money.

But also, it allows the company to gain flexibility. Factoring could be likened to some sort of outsourcing in the management of the company’s accounts receivable.

Leasing or leasing

Leasing is becoming more common for individuals, especially in the purchase of a car. But it is clear that this is originally a measure to help finance businesses.

Also known as leasing, leasing involves a company approaching a leasing organization (such as a bank) in order for it to acquire equipment and lease it to the leasing company. company for a fixed period in exchange for a fee.

This is the case where the company can not afford to buy the equipment. At the end of the period, the company is often allowed to purchase the equipment in exchange for payment of the residual value.

The advantage is that during the “rental” period, the company does not own the equipment, so the costs are reduced. However, the daily costs remain the responsibility of the user, therefore the company.

Helps You Improve Your Business Finances | Business Loans Fri, 20 Sep 2019 20:02:31 +0000 Improving the finances of your business is of great importance to prevent it from failing. Although there is no specific date to do so, you can take advantage of the beginning of the year. Remember that it is vital to monitor your finances constantly to achieve your goals.

Start a new year, allows you to set the growth goals of your business and define the strategies that will help you meet it. To improve the finances of your business, it is important that you are regularly monitoring the financial indicators of your company.

We share some of the indicators that should be part of your plan. These indicators will be of great help to you to know the financial status of your company.

Constantly review your expenses

Constantly review your expenses

The first thing you should be clear about is how much money you spend and see how to optimize your resources. Making a list of your fixed and variable expenses, will allow you to create strategies to reduce costs.

Once you have it, evaluate which costs you can eliminate and which ones you can reduce. One option is to look for suppliers that offer better conditions or even eliminate some policies of personnel expenses.

Remember that the more you spend, you reduce the liquidity of your business and the ability to pay for financing in the future.

Develop a better collection strategy

 Develop a better collection strategy

At the beginning of the year, you have the opportunity to define a more orderly collection process, both for your customers and for your sellers. This with the aim of taking care of the liquidity of your business.

Many times, you may find that your level of sales and billing rises, however, is not reflected in your income immediately, and all due to poor management tracking charges.

The ideal thing for this point is to define collection dates and determine if you finance your customers’ purchases at 30.90 or 120 days. The follow-up given by your sellers or finance area will be essential to comply with your collection strategy.

Set a budget

Define a budget for your business and do your best to fulfill it. Do not forget to include concepts that help you create long-term value. For this, define an amount to invest in technology, marketing campaigns and talent.

Remember that you must calculate the return on the investments you make.

Save to cover unforeseen events

 Save to cover unforeseen events

Another tip that can undoubtedly improve the finances of your business, is that you start saving part of the income you have so that you save a certain amount for any unforeseen or future investment. Whether your business is going through a period of instability, lack of liquidity or acting in an accident, having savings will allow you to cover them without affecting your operation.

Seek financing if necessary

Seek financing if necessary

If in your business plans, is to open a new branch or develop new products, a loan can help you maintain the liquidity of your company. We recommend that you evaluate and choose the option that meets the needs of your projects. A loan can be a tool that helps you accelerate the growth of your business and improve your finances.

These are some indicators that you must take into account to improve and / or stabilize the finances of your business. Currently there are different tools that help you visualize the finances of your company, and so you can create strategies to strengthen your company.

At Kabusiness we have developed Compass, a totally free tool that will help you take control of your business finances. With Compass you can know your business information in one place.

How does Compass help you?

Know the income and expenses

 Know the income and expenses

Visualize the main expenses that your business has, who are the suppliers that you buy the most and who are your best customers. This will make it easier to create cost reduction strategies or customer retention campaigns.

How your debt is conformed

How your debt is conformed

In Compass you can see the credits you have, how much you are paying for them and receive tips to keep your score. In addition you can determine your ability to pay to avoid falling into debt over debt.

Now that you know some tips that can help you improve your business finances from the beginning of the year, start by implementing them to meet real and measurable objectives.

Real estate credit: in the United States, rates at the highest! Mon, 12 Aug 2019 22:29:59 +0000 The situation in the United States is the opposite of what happens in France on the credit front. While the French mortgage rates are at their lowest for over 30 years (1.43% on average in Q3 according to the Observatory Credit Longerts / CSA), they reach more than 5% in the US according to Medy Banloz, the main player in the sector across the Atlantic.

American borrowers in the hard

American borrowers in the hard

The situation is an eloquent example to understand the limits of a high rate and therefore the opportunities of a low rate of mortgage credit. Currently in the United States, the rate for a 30-year loan term is about 4.9%. What does this mean for the market and for acquirers? First, there is a decline in the price of real estate. Few households get a loan, so the demand is lower and sellers are forced to lower their prices. In any case, the recommendation of real estate professionals but owners are reluctant to the idea of ​​lowering the selling price of their property. The natural consequence is therefore a market in stagnation.

On the acquiring side, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have the financial resources to obtain a mortgage. Thus, first-time buyers are deprived of the opportunity to buy real estate. For older borrowers, the question arises of making a loan at an inconvenient time. As a result, banks tend to be willing to lend risky real estate loans because they have to be in captivity with customers in order to achieve their goals.

In France, it’s the opposite!

In France, it

Compared to a complex and economically dangerous situation in the United States, France is doing well: borrowers enjoy exceptional conditions with a minimum rate of 0.47% over 7 years according to the figures of Credither Guide! Over 20 years, the real estate rate in France is 1.60%. But for this beneficial situation for borrowers and lenders to persist, it is important to understand why the United States is in this situation.

An essential element is the solvency of the borrowers. With exceptionally low rates, it is necessary to be sure that borrowing households will be able to repay in the long run even in a recessionary situation. This is to avoid a sharp increase in borrowing rates as is the case in the United States and maintain a healthy real estate market. You should know that housing is an important indicator of the economic health of a country. Borrowers and lenders are thus the guarantors of a virtuous model in which the borrowing rates are low and the monthly payments honored.

New retail investor law creates controversial discussions Fri, 21 Jun 2019 12:35:14 +0000 Often, in the past, bona fide and poorly informed investors have fallen for high-risk or even deceptive offers. In order to create more transparency here, the so-called “gray capital market” should be regulated more sharply by a new retail investor law. Case showed that there was a need for regulation on the gray capital market and summed it up as follows:

“Where consumers find it difficult to protect themselves, we need to increase transparency.”

Prospectus and advanced advertising policies

Prospectus and advanced advertising policies

The Good Lender provides for an expansion of the prospectus obligation on all assets. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) should control more and earlier point to questionable financial products. Suppliers and intermediaries of investments will in future be required to publish comprehensive and transparent information in their sales prospectuses. Violations of the duty to inform under the new retail investor law threaten drastic penalties up to the operating ban.

However, the new retail investor law provides for some exceptions. For example, social and charitable projects seeking financial resources in the gray financial market are exemplary from prospectus requirements. Above all, however, there are exceptions for collecting smaller amounts via crowdfunding platforms, in particular for financing startups.

In addition, extended advertising guidelines were adopted. Thus, there will be future advertising restrictions for products of the “gray market” such as profit participation certificates or direct loans. As a result, public advertising on billboards, such as buses and trains, will no longer be allowed in the future. If such advertising is placed in the media, it will in future be provided with a clear warning against the risk of loss due to the new retail investor law.

Bill of the new retail investor law reaps criticism from the startup scene

Bill of the new retail investor law reaps criticism from the startup scene

While the law on the new retail investor law is being endorsed by many consumer advocates and expressing their satisfaction with gray capital market regulation, startups are likely to face greater problems in financing their projects in the future.

Above all, the bureaucratic hurdles for major investments are criticized, which should certainly deter some potential financiers. 

“The Federal Government is counteracting the law’s goal of better supporting startups in the future. The Good Lender creates a multitude of bureaucratic hurdles for crowd investing and makes it difficult for startups to attract new investors. At the same time, it gives investors the opportunity to invest. in startups. “

Investors Know What Risk They Are Taking


Unlike printed brochures, crowdfunding platform offerings provide a high degree of transparency. Through user comments, discussions and direct communication with the founders, investors are far better protected from fraudsters.

Problems and dangers see startups also with respect to application and marketing of projects and plants. The success in collecting money for own projects is based above all on viral communication measures whose origin and content are difficult to control. Here issues of admissibility of advertising measures provide for uncertainty. It is unclear who can be held responsible for investment promises: the issuer, the fan who spreads the message or the crowdfunding platform?

Many Assets to Succeed In Business | Business Loans Thu, 06 Jun 2019 09:50:03 +0000 Strategic location between Europe, Asia and Africa

Strategic location between Europe, Asia and Africa

The United Arab Emirates is at a crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa. Their geographic location makes it a gateway for oil passing through the Strait of Hormuz and a strategic location for those wishing to trade with the three continents. The United Arab Emirates is experiencing unprecedented economic expansion for a decade. As oil producers and the main tourist and commercial destination in the Middle East, they attract expatriates, investors and tourists alike. Dubai, the largest port and economic capital of the UAE, is also an investment hub renowned for its many business opportunities, and ranks 4th among the most visited cities in the world.

An idyllic living environment

An idyllic living environment

The United Arab Emirates is one of the richest states in the world. The infrastructure, the living environment, the total security, the economic attractiveness make it a place appreciated by expatriates, businessmen, tourists and investors. Again, Dubai remains the best showcase for state growth. This city of one million inhabitants, capital of the emirate of the same name, gives an idea of ​​the comfort, security and business opportunities that the UAE offers. The Burj Khalifa and the Downtown District are just a glimpse of local know-how in urban planning. Communities like Downtown, Business Bay, Dubai Marina built in less than two decades show the Emirate’s ability to create a unique lifestyle.

With its focus on education, health, services, tourism and recreation , Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for expatriates and never leaves indifferent. As far as security is concerned, Dubai is simply one of the safest cities out there, because its crime rate is very low.

A dynamic economy offering many opportunities

A dynamic economy offering many opportunities

Mostly known for their oil for many years, the United Arab Emirates diversify their sources of income for some time. Fossil fuels are no longer the main driver of their economy, especially in Dubai, and the ever-growing share of tourism, services and industry in local GDP is evidence of this. Today, the development of the United Arab Emirates is based on different sectors which makes it a strong economy with high potential. Manufacturing, public works, real estate, communications and transportation, the financial sector, education and health, tourism and recreation are all areas that make the UAE a prosperous state.

An attractive economic environment

An attractive economic environment

The United Arab Emirates offers a very attractive tax system. There is simply no tax. The income of natural persons is not taxed and companies registered in one of the Emirates are taxed at 0%. In addition, companies have the opportunity to set up in one of the free zones of the United Arab Emirates to take the status of freezone company . This status allows them to trade with any country in the world without having to associate with an Emirati. As a freezone company, a company benefits from different tax, legal and geographical advantages. It can choose to locate in one of the 25 free zones of the United Arab Emirates. In addition to the freezone company, the United Arab Emirates allows the creation of offshore companies , a legal form highly acclaimed by businessmen from all over the world trading outside the UAE. They benefit from a well-functioning banking system, significant flexibility in terms of management, a reputable image, and an attractive tax system.

Rides between Home and Business Mon, 27 May 2019 09:41:07 +0000 Like workers, entrepreneurs can also take the journey between their private home and their business as an operating expense. However, it must always be ensured that the employee is not disadvantaged by the employer.

For this reason, according to § 9 para. 1 sentence 4 EStG also the entrepreneur the distance flat rate for the determination of the expenses for journeys between dwelling and enterprise. The distance charge is independent of the chosen means of transport. As of 2004, the said rule can be used to charge EUR 0.30 per distance kilometer as an operating expense.
Questionable from 2007, the approach from the 1st or 21 km, a case is pending.

Company car

If the entrepreneur uses a car, which is included in his business assets, then there are in principle two ways to determine the private trips of the entrepreneur for this company car . In the following, the correction of the journeys from the dwelling to the permanent establishment is dependent on this method, since the full deduction of the actual costs of the car and the simultaneous consideration of the distance charge would lead to a double deduction of operating expenses.

First, a distinction must be made as to whether the vehicle belongs to operating or private assets.

Logbook method

If the operator maintains a logbook to split up his private and operational journeys, this detailed listing can be used to accurately determine the trips between the home and the workplace. Based on the logbook, the entrepreneur can correct this portion of the vehicle costs and subsequently enter the combined kilometers with the distance flat rate of EUR 0.30 as operating expenses.


kind number
actual car costs: 5,000 EUR
Logbook: entire kilometers: 10,000 km
of which journeys between home and business: 1,000 km
Share of journeys between home and business: 10%
Correction of the actual car costs : 10% of 5,000 EUR = 500 EUR
Profit Impact: +500 EUR
Approach of the distance charge (single distance only): 500 km x 0.30 EUR = 150 EUR
actual car costs: 5,000 EUR
Profit Impact: -150 EUR

1% method

Most entrepreneurs determine the private use of their company car by the flat-rate 1% method. This method involves relatively little effort and is quickly calculated , but does not cover the private trips that were actually carried out during the year.
If the entrepreneur determines the proportion of private use for his company car by the 1% method, a method similar to the logbook can not be used for correction. One solution to this problem is a flat rate from the Income Tax Act.

All information to the tax office must be comprehensible and credible.

How is the correction of car costs for a company car determined using the 1% method?

Based on collected invoices and receipts, the amount of incurred actual vehicle costs can be determined exactly at the end of the year. Since this amount also includes the costs of travel between home and business, these must be corrected.

However, since a logbook with detailed explanations of the individual trips is missing, the trips from the apartment to the operation must be estimated. Experience has shown that the size of the tax office is unrivaled, ranging from 230 to 280 working days per year. For entrepreneurs, more days can be created in individual cases.

This value should be multiplied by the distance and the distance charge. (It is the same calculation as for the employee.)
In the second step, the comparison value is to be determined, which is determined by the gross domestic list price of the vehicle, the distance and a flat rate of 0.03% per month. By comparing these two values, the entrepreneur can determine the non-deductible business expenses . These must be recorded to increase the profits.


kind number
Gross list price of the vehicle: 20,000 euros
Distance from the apartment to the operation: 15 km
Number of days: 180

Private car

If the entrepreneur uses a private car to drive from the apartment to the company, he can easily use the distance charge to calculate the operating expenses. There is no further correction necessary. The journeys between individual operating sites can be sold fully as an operating expense.

The input tax can be claimed by the entrepreneur only for the operating expenses incurred by public transport.

Solidarity Investments Reinvent Finance Mon, 20 May 2019 10:57:13 +0000 At a time when the G20 is struggling to find a solution to the synchronous regulation of international financial markets, finance finds a second wind in solidarity finance, another voice, where most did not expect it.

The nascent phenomenon of solidarity finance is growing at a good pace, + 47% of solidarity investments in 2017 . Immediately caught by the media, this good news made the headlines of the World a few years ago, then all the news.

As a reminder: solidarity finance allows people to grow their savings while financing responsible activities. There are several possibilities in practice: to invest in the shares of companies specializing in the financing and support of solidarity activities, subscribe to a bank that has the Finansol label or to participate in the financing of entrepreneurial projects. who are close to you via the internet.

So, is it a ray of sunshine in a world of bullies?

So, is it a ray of sunshine in a world of bullies?

It looks like it! The leitmotiv is to “give meaning to one’s placement” . Where one invested unreasonably in absurd investments that gave the illusion of big payoff, the products of solidarity finance are not primarily intended to seek maximum profit. A new generation of savers has emerged and is now focusing on a finance whose formula would be [- profitable + safe + ethical] (be careful, it is not about donations!).

Beyond the human and social factor brought to finance by these new investments, solidarity finance seems to be able to have a stabilizing effect on the economy. Claude Alphandéry , today director of the France Active association and one of the first promoters of solidarity finance in France. He refers to the solidarity economy as a factor of regulation of the capitalist system . In fact, on closer examination, the solidarity economy produces economic activities – goods and services that are sold – and, at the same time, activities of general interest, social activities that do not have no price.

The arguments in favor of this new finance

The arguments in favor of this new finance

“Faced with the current crisis, many leaders are convinced that we can regulate the system by enacting laws and regulations. In reality, the only rules will not be enough to combat the immoderation of financial capitalism. We will not come out without a strong movement of solidarity-based businesses that develop an ethical sense, a democratic governance and that, through their practices, their values, serve as examples to irrigate the entire society and force it to take action. other habits. We need counter-powers. What makes me happy is to see the emergence of innumerable initiatives showing the will to live in another way . “

10 Solutions for Small Businesses and the Self-Employed Thu, 25 Apr 2019 10:11:56 +0000 Customer acquisition and care are among the most important tasks of self-employed and companies. In order to simplify and professionalise these, there is a wide range of CRM software available on the market (CRM = Customer Relationship Management).

Many solutions have been designed primarily for large companies, but many CRM systems tailored to the needs of the self-employed and small business can now be found.

In the CRM solutions presented in this article, I paid special attention to the price, more than 50 euros per month, such a system for the targeted audience should not book. In addition, the price-performance ratio should be right and the solution should be intuitive – easy to understand and easy to use.

What are the advantages of CRM software?

What are the advantages of CRM software?

In the best case, CRM software offers a lot of work facilitation like:

  • a professional contact management, in which not only contact data but also sales-relevant information is recorded.
  • Depending on the sales phase, to qualify contacts as lead, prospective customer or customer.
  • the acquisition of closing probabilities etc.
  • Automated sending of digital campaigns or newsletters to special target groups.
  • On-the-go access when the CRM is web-based and / or mobile apps for smartphones and tablets exist.
  • Online collaboration with other partners.

Most of the CRM software is offered by the manufacturers as cloud-based software, in addition, there are also purely mobile solutions as an app and CRM software, which is installed in the classic way on the computer.

Below I present ten different CRM systems with their essential functions in alphabetical order:

CRM software Central Station CRM

CRM software Central Station CRM

This German web-based CRM solution is aimed specifically at small businesses and the self-employed. The CRM is easy to use and focuses on the creation and management of customer and company data.

In addition to the classic customer and company contacts you can also enter social media profiles. Task management, calendars, creating quotes and projects as well as uploading files of various kinds also makes it a useful CRM for small project groups.

To use the CRM mobile from your smartphone or tablet, you do not need a special app, it’s enough if you enter the address of your CentralStationCRM account in the browser and log in with his access data.

For small startups with no more than three users, 200 contacts and 20 MB files, Central Station CRM remains permanently free.

CRM software highrise

CRM software highrise

Highrise is a web-based CRM from the company basecamp, which also distributes a well-known project management software.

Key features of Highrise include capturing e-mail, storing notes, creating and documenting invoices and offers, and filtering.

With the integration possibility of numerous third-party apps such as Billomat, Zapier, LiveAgent and many more, you can significantly upgrade the CRM to your individual requirements.

Anyone who uses Mailchimp as their e-mail marketing software will also find an interface for doing so. For Android and iOS, there is an app for mobile CRM use.

Price: In the basic version for small groups up to six users, 5000 contacts and 5 GB of storage Highrise costs $ 24 per month, for up to 15 users, 20 000 contacts and 15 GB of storage costs $ 49 per month.

CRM software insightly

CRM software insightly

insightly from California is a blend of CRM and project management software for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses. Here, too, one can save his customer data, the automatic address book, comprehensive calendar, appointment and mail functions facilitate the handling of customer contacts. Social media profiles can also be captured.

In addition to customer acquisition and management, projects and orders can be created and monitored (using various tracking functions).

insightly is also offered as an app for Android and iOS.

Price: There is a permanent free access for up to two users, up to 2500 contacts and not more than 10 emails per day, for 15 dollars per month and users the feature offer increases significantly: 25 000 contacts and 500 emails per day are likely more than enough for small businesses.

CRM software Lexware customer manager

CRM software Lexware customer manager

A CRM software as installable software offers Lexware with its customer manager. Classic address and contact management, creation of personalized single and serial letters as well as newsletters for planned marketing campaigns, appointment and task managers are the main functions of the Lexware customer manager in the basic version. In addition, the contact history allows you to see all the latest information about each customer, an important feature for the sales department.

In the Pro version, one interface to Lexware goods management pro, three local network licenses, address links and a detailed user and rights management are available.

Price: In the basic version, Lexware Kundenmanager costs 10.90 Euro per month or once 169.90 Euro, in the Pro version 27.90 Euro per month or once 439.90 Euro.

CRM software Nimble

The CRM software of the American provider Nimble (means in German: nimble) places its emphasis on the integration of contact data from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

In addition to comprehensive contact and task management, Nimble has sales automation and marketing. You can use the CRM to send personalized e-mails to a selected customer group, for which an e-mail template builder and message templates are available.

Price: For $ 25 a month, that’s a lot of features, and there’s more in CRM, which can not be fully explained in this overview. The price includes: Up to 100 emails per user per day, 25,000 contacts and up to 2 GB of storage per user.

CRM software Podio

CRM software Podio

The CRM Podio from Citrix focuses not only on customer administration, but also on other application options. Project management, product planning and development, e-mail and team management, process and event management.

Key marketing and customer support tools and file-sharing services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, GoToMeeting or Zendesk) integrate with Podio.

With Podio apps, users can create custom apps for specific workflows or processes without the need for programming skills.

Price: In the basic package, Podio costs $ 9 a month and employee, the key features are available, and in the $ 14 per month plus package, employees can use the automated workflows that are not included in the base package.


CRM software Scopevisio

CRM software Scopevisio

The German cloud CRM Scopevisio relies on a complete solution for SMEs, marketing and sales. In addition to CRM, you can still use the modules Projects, Billing, Finance and Teamwork Document Management.

But start-ups and sole proprietors are also the potential users of Scopevisio, which can also be used on the move.

Price: The price scale looks like this: Who wants to put the emphasis on the CRM, monthly paid per user license in the SmartLine package 29.95 euros, it includes the individual applications billing, finance and teamwork DMS.


CRM software Sellf

Sellf sees itself as a mobile CRM that provides apps for the major mobile operating systems Android and iOS. You can merge task lists and calendars, import and edit customer data from different application sources such as Dropbox, iCal or Evernote.

Price: Sellf costs in the starter package 15 euros per month and users, more than 10 users may not be in the team. The performance package costs 30 euros per month and user, but increases the available storage capacity from 2 to 5 GB, the team may be unlimited.

CRM software Vtiger

CRM software Vtiger

Vtiger consists of a cloud-based CRM, a merchandise management system that maps the entire workflow from lead to payment, and a help desk.

The CRM includes not only customer management capabilities, but also e-mail marketing and a customer portal where customers can upload and share data, find a knowledge base (FAQ), and create and submit support tickets.

Price: The cheapest package costs $ 10 a month and users who want the all-in-one package pay $ 30 a month and users.

CRM software ZOHO CRM

CRM software ZOHO CRM

The web-based CRM system from ZOHO is used by about 10 million users and it impresses with its many functions. In addition to contact management, it provides task scheduling, email delivery, social media integration, sales signals, workflow automation, lead management, and more.

ZOHO apps can be used to connect Google, MS Office and Facebook accounts to the CRM account. And of course there is also a mobile version of ZOHO.

The prices are very appealing for small businesses and the self-employed: $ 15 per user per month costs the smallest package for up to 100,000 customer entries.

Price: For small teams up to 10 people ZOHO costs nothing and offers its essential functions such as contacts, leads, filtering options and integration of social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).


The ten CRM software solutions presented here are only a part of all CRM offers on the Internet. There are many more, most of the time they are not too different in basic functions, they often have different special features.

I have limited myself to cheap CRM in my short presentation, which are especially for one-man business or smaller business teams eligible, also in terms of affordability.

Which CRM software one ultimately chooses depends sometimes on the type of customer service: If you work on the big networks like Facebook and Twitter, you should select a CRM with the appropriate interfaces. Scaling is also important, meaning that as your business grows, CRM should grow along as well.

And the decisive factor for the right choice of CRM software is the business itself. Anyone who distributes goods should look for a different CRM than a pure service provider, because some ERP systems can be linked to an enterprise resource planning system, but not to others.

Business Suit | Business Credit Mon, 15 Apr 2019 09:39:28 +0000 The business suit is used for business, work … In the 60s, costumes are abandoned in private life to enter the professional life.

Business suits have become essential in major tertiary sector companies. If you are looking for a business suit do not wait to go to the Record suit shop in Lyon. Business suits are undeniable assets in the world of work. They are essential because I can not see you coming in t-shirt or polo during a meeting or during a contract signing.

Business suit

The business suit is a duplication of your image, it allows to show your personality to your interlocutor before you even speak. That’s why it is extremely important to choose your business suit so that it does not spoil your image, at the Record store there is a wide choice of business suit and in addition there are excellent advisers for that you choose the best business suit of Lyon. There are several styles of business suits like the classic, the trend and even the inheritance. The Lyon Record Store offers you these three styles of business suit.

You are lost among these three types of costumes let me enlighten you. The classic business suit is a basic wardrobe all men have, it has the principle of being equipped with a white shirt and suit pants and navy blue or gray suit jacket, this is one of the suits the most comfortable.

These business suits can be worn for all occasions such as work but also ceremonies, parties …. The classic business suit has several advantages as it evolves slowly over time and it can be adaptable to any situation. The Lyon Record costume shop also offers you a trendy business suit, as its name suggests it follows the trend with more innovative colors such as burgundy, electric blue … .It does not follow the same rules of confection a classic business suit in a sense the rules of making for a trendy business suit are more flexible. The advantages of a so-called trendy business suit are: on the one hand that the making of the costume is freer for example with a choice of colors more innovative than those of the classic business suit and secondly it allows to show to your interlocutor that you are an atypical personality who does not follow the conventional rules which can be an asset if you practice in a world that needs innovation. Finally we come to a heritage business suit. This business suit is characterized by its old style from the Italian English heritage …. The patterns for business inheritance costumes are stripes, tiles …

Heritage Business

Heritage Business

The advantage of a heritage business suit is the quality but also the rather vintage style that comes back to fashion. Now that you are enlightened about the different types of business suits, you can choose yours serenely at the Lyon Record Store.