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Real estate credit: in the United States, rates at the highest!

The situation in the United States is the opposite of what happens in France on the credit front. While the French mortgage rates are at their lowest for over 30 years (1.43% on average in Q3 according to the Observatory Credit Longerts / CSA), they reach more than 5% in the US according to Medy […]


Many Assets to Succeed In Business | Business Loans

    Strategic location between Europe, Asia and Africa The United Arab Emirates is at a crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa. Their geographic location makes it a gateway for oil passing through the Strait of Hormuz and a strategic location for those wishing to trade with the three continents. The United Arab Emirates is […]


Rides between Home and Business

  Like workers, entrepreneurs can also take the journey between their private home and their business as an operating expense. However, it must always be ensured that the employee is not disadvantaged by the employer. For this reason, according to § 9 para. 1 sentence 4 EStG also the entrepreneur the distance flat rate for […]


Solidarity Investments Reinvent Finance

At a time when the G20 is struggling to find a solution to the synchronous regulation of international financial markets, finance finds a second wind in solidarity finance, another voice, where most did not expect it.   The nascent phenomenon of solidarity finance is growing at a good pace, + 47% of solidarity investments in […]


10 Solutions for Small Businesses and the Self-Employed

  Customer acquisition and care are among the most important tasks of self-employed and companies. In order to simplify and professionalise these, there is a wide range of CRM software available on the market (CRM = Customer Relationship Management).   Many solutions have been designed primarily for large companies, but many CRM systems tailored to […]


Business Suit | Business Credit

    The business suit is used for business, work … In the 60s, costumes are abandoned in private life to enter the professional life. Business suits have become essential in major tertiary sector companies. If you are looking for a business suit do not wait to go to the Record suit shop in Lyon. […]