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The business suit is used for business, work … In the 60s, costumes are abandoned in private life to enter the professional life.

Business suits have become essential in major tertiary sector companies. If you are looking for a business suit do not wait to go to the Record suit shop in Lyon. Business suits are undeniable assets in the world of work. They are essential because I can not see you coming in t-shirt or polo during a meeting or during a contract signing.

Business suit

The business suit is a duplication of your image, it allows to show your personality to your interlocutor before you even speak. That’s why it is extremely important to choose your business suit so that it does not spoil your image, at the Record store there is a wide choice of business suit and in addition there are excellent advisers for that you choose the best business suit of Lyon. There are several styles of business suits like the classic, the trend and even the inheritance. The Lyon Record Store offers you these three styles of business suit.

You are lost among these three types of costumes let me enlighten you. The classic business suit is a basic wardrobe all men have, it has the principle of being equipped with a white shirt and suit pants and navy blue or gray suit jacket, this is one of the suits the most comfortable.

These business suits can be worn for all occasions such as work but also ceremonies, parties …. The classic business suit has several advantages as it evolves slowly over time and it can be adaptable to any situation. The Lyon Record costume shop also offers you a trendy business suit, as its name suggests it follows the trend with more innovative colors such as burgundy, electric blue … .It does not follow the same rules of confection a classic business suit in a sense the rules of making for a trendy business suit are more flexible. The advantages of a so-called trendy business suit are: on the one hand that the making of the costume is freer for example with a choice of colors more innovative than those of the classic business suit and secondly it allows to show to your interlocutor that you are an atypical personality who does not follow the conventional rules which can be an asset if you practice in a world that needs innovation. Finally we come to a heritage business suit. This business suit is characterized by its old style from the Italian English heritage …. The patterns for business inheritance costumes are stripes, tiles …

Heritage Business

Heritage Business

The advantage of a heritage business suit is the quality but also the rather vintage style that comes back to fashion. Now that you are enlightened about the different types of business suits, you can choose yours serenely at the Lyon Record Store.